Puppies & Pop-Ins

For dogs that don’t need a big walk, and would prefer garden games, cuddles, and brain games,
pop-in visits may be more appropriate than a big walk.


Puppy Care - from £10/visit

Growing puppies don’t need as much exercise as adult dogs – generally about 5 minutes per month of life is a good rule of thumb. 

What they do need is plenty of attention and positive input, to help lay the foundations for good behaviour and prevent problems such as separation anxiety or house-soiling from developing. 

Puppy visits involve gentle age-appropriate exercise, maintaining house training routine, and brain games to help puppy learn to love learning!

Senior dogs - from £10/visit

Pop-in visits available for dogs who would rather have a wee in the garden than go for a big walk – we can have a little play, a cuddle, and do some brain games to keep the cogs ticking-  whatever your dog would like to do! These visits are also appropriate for dogs with mobility issues or undergoing recovery from surgery.

Overnight Stays

Caring for your pet in their own home allows them the comfort of familiar surroundings and routine whilst you are away. 

This is a limited service which is available only for existing customers, please contact me to discuss the individual needs of you and your dogs. ZoeDogs does not offer homeboarding.