Training Walks

Are you worried about letting your dog off the lead, but struggling to find time for recall training? Frustrated by pulling, and fantasise about a loose-lead walk, but not sure where to start?
A training package could be the perfect solution. 

Training Walks - from £25

A two-in-one! Whether its learning new skills, or keeping up with the training you and your dog are working on, these walks are an opportunity for both exercise and learning. They’re fun too! 

Common training issues including recall, loose-lead walking, “leave it”, and jumping up. 

Your dog will bring home a report card to keep you up-to-date on his or her progress. 

Handover Sessions - from £30

Handover sessions are for human-training! It is important that you are understand what and how your dog is learning, in order to keep up the good work. Training is a great way to build two-way communication between you and your dog, which is a valuable investment. 

Intensive Training Package - Monthly subscription.

For the dedicated dog owner, a premium package is available to help you and your dog to really shine. This includes Training Walks, Handover Sessions, and ongoing email support for those ups and downs.

This is particularly recommended for new dog owners. Whether you want to give your puppy the very best start in life, or need support in helping your new rescue dog to settle in, a bespoke training package provides a great practical solution.