Enrichment Walks

All walks are single-household, which means you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting the individual care and attention he or she deserves. 


Premium Enrichment Walk - from £20

For the dog that loves to explore, this is a proper adventure walk. 

Its all about going to new and exciting locations, and doing the things your dog loves to do – whether its sniffing, playing, swimming, or just running as fast as we can! 

1 hour walk not including pick-up and travel time. 

Basic Enrichment Walk - from £13

An everyday walk from your front door or at a suitable location in your area.

Whether you work long hours, or struggle to fit walks into the busy family week, you can relax knowing that your dog will have a great time running, playing, and sniffing out the local pee-mail!

1 hour walk including pick-up and travel time where applicable.